Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE

It is best to Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE (outside the country of origin) in this era. It is a way to manage funds and save taxes effectively. Petro NewLink provides comprehensive solutions for opening and managing bank accounts in the UAE. Petro NewLink works with the corporate divisions of several banks in the United Arab Emirates to provide extensive support to companies in the free zone. Our relationship with bankers makes it easier for customers to open and operate a bank, and we also negotiate and arrange loans for business purposes/personal loans for customers.

Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE With Petro New Link

The Petro New Link team collaborates & works closely with professional banking professionals to ensure that accounts are opened with minimal effort and paperwork. We, Petro New Link, assist in opening bank accounts in central UAE banks, such as Banque Misr, Emirates NBD, Mashreq Bank, RAK Bank, Fujairah National Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, ADIB, and Bank of Ajman.

The following are usually the documents or information required to open a bank account on a

When you are going to Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE following documents are required:

  • Copy of the UAE passport
  • Three suppliers and three buyers (if it is a business).
  • Proof of doing business anywhere (if the recipient has a current company).
  • Proof of residence anywhere in the world.

What should you know to Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE

UAE local bank

UAE local banks requirements when you open your bank account remotely via the Internet at most major local banks in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Required to submit the necessary documents (passport copies, residence visas, ID cards of all UAE shareholders, copies of UAE company documents, brief information on existing businesses in any country),
  • Quickly understand your customers. If all documents are NULL or low, the average monthly minimum balance and select local and international currencies.
  • No intermediary, contact the bank representative directly.
  • Estimate the annual financial statements fill in the account opening form.
  • Directly apply to open a commercial bank account on the bank website.

International bank accounts

In addition, many of our international business customers choose to open multi-currency offshore bank accounts remotely at CIM Bank in Switzerland and AFRASIA Bank in Mauritius.

Mauritius Banking to Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE

Mauritius is the first choice for many Asian and Middle Eastern investors for offshore banking. Mauritius’s powerful banking system provides attractive solutions for business owners’ daily banking needs.

Swiss Bank

Swiss Bank provides international customers with a wide range of personalized banking services to effectively manage their global transactions. Banks offer convenient online banking services and relatively simple bank account opening procedures. The latest corporate and e-banking tools from UBS are tailor-made for you so that the company can act freely internationally.

List Of Bank Accounts Available for  Registration in UAE

Investors should study the country’s political stability, infrastructure, security, and defense before opening an account. The UAE is the most popular place to open a bank account. In the middle east. Twenty-eight international banks are operating in the UAE, such as HSBC Middle East, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Llyod TSB Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, etc. There are currently 23 national banks operating in the UAE, such as Emirates NBD, Mashreq Bank, RAK Bank, Noor Bank, ADCB, NBAD, etc. Petro New Link provides comprehensive solutions for opening and managing bank accounts in any bank in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Contact Petro NewLink is the registered agent of all significant free zones and offshore jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates. We register a company for our clients within 1-3 days and Open Bank Account in Dubai & UAE. We open an account with the least hassle and paperwork as soon as possible. We also guarantee that customers will receive a multi-currency account that supports online banking.