Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in UAE

The establishment of a Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in UAE Emirates requires a min of 2 members and a max of 50 members. The liability of a member is limited to one member’s shares in the capital. It has low start-up costs and can fully enter the UAE market. Companies can also import and export freely in their local emirates.

A UAE limited liability company (LLC) must own 51% of the shares of UAE citizens (also known as UAE sponsors), and foreign investors must not hold more than 49% of the company’s shares. There are foreign partners, so UAE citizens must own 51% of the shares.

Registering a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in UAE

Registering a limited liability company in Dubai is a simplified process, and Dubai’s economy facilitates this process. Investors must fill in the company registration form and supporting documents and pay the required fees. LC Dubai enables investors to purchase office space anywhere in Dubai. Open a company bank account and obtain an internal company residence permit. A Dubai limited company provides investors with guarantees on business flexibility, business ownership, investment risk mitigation, and hiring additional staff.

Documents Required for opening up a (LLC) in UAE

  • Copy of investor’s passport.
  • Copy of manager’s passport.
  • Copy of passport of a local sponsor.
  • If the shareholder or manager works for any UAE company, there is no need to object to the certificate.
  • Notarized lease of offices, warehouses, or showrooms of Dubai Municipal Planning Department and Civil Défense Department, with maps attached.
  • Memorandum attested association notarized by a notary public.
  • Copy of UAE ID card (for UAE citizens).

Application form for registration with the Dubai economic ministry dept.

Process for setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in UAE

Registering a limited liability company in Dubai is very simple and relatively easy to register. Still, certain documents, documents, and special permits are required, depending on the business activity you choose.

Below are the steps to start an LLC business in Dubai. Our dedicated team of Petro New Link provides you with solid advice and professional service support at all stages to help you establish a problem-free LLC in Dubai.

  • Select the company name and type of company activity.
  • Select the location of the registered company.
  • Submit the necessary documents to obtain a DED license in the UAE.
  • If necessary, obtain approval from relevant government and regulatory agencies.
  • Association, stock certificates, lease of your LLC company visa, work card, and other legal documents.

Benefits of opening a Limited Liability Company (LLC) Dubai

LLC in Dubai provides investors with many business advantages. Opening an LC in Dubai enables investors to strengthen their influence in the local UAE market and promote local trade more effectively.

Here, following are some of the benefits of investors opening a limited liability company (LLC) in Dubai.

  • Funds and income are remitted in full.
  • There is no specific minimum fund-raising requirement.
  • Investors are required to obtain an investor visa.
  • The company can open any number of offices in the UAE.
  • Investors can obtain a UAE residence visa for a family.
  • Easily open global and corporate banks.
  • Can apply for any number of visas based on office space.
  • Local partners are not involved in daily business.
  • Only limited activity restrictions, more freedom.

Petro New Link will assist in the completion of the limited liability company (LLC) registration process smoothly and most efficiently.