Mainland Company Registration in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries globally and the trade center of the Middle East. As a tax haven with an extensive banking network, entrepreneurs have found the UAE to be an ideal place to conduct Mainland Company Registration in UAE and the formation of the business and own a bank account.

Set-up of Mainland Company in UAE

Doing set-up of Mainland Company in UAE for business is an ideal choice for investors who want to gain strong influence in the UAE local market.

Starting MainLand Business is ideal for business registration because it allows investors to develop their business flexibly. It will enable investors to open new offices or warehouses quickly, add new employees, participate in government projects, etc.

According to the United Arab Emirates Business Company Law, a company is defined as an agreement contract. Two or more persons commit to participating in a commercial enterprise to pour out profits by introducing capital or labor shares and making profits. Or losses caused by the company’s fault. The third clause of Article 8 of the Company Law also stipulates that companies may be established under the provisions of this law or owned by individuals.

Mainland Company Registration & Limited Liability Company (LLC)  in UAE

A limited liability company (LLC) is a famous corporate structure in the Mainland Company Registration. Investors can establish a limited liability company with at least 2 to 50 shareholders. The national sponsor of the UAE and the remaining 49% of the property can remain in the hands of foreign investors.

The LLC business setting is the most popular and preferred company structure on the African continent. For more information on how to start a limited liability company business and the steps required to open a limited liability company business in the UAE, please visit our LLC service Page

Laws & Amendments for Mainland Company Registration in UAE

A recent cabinet ruling granted foreigners in selected industrial sectors 100% ownership of Mainland Company Registration in UAE or mainland enterprises and eliminated the local funding requirements for selected industrial sectors and commercial activities.

The Amendments done to the Federal Commercial Enterprise Law No. 2 of 2015 and the revised Law No. 26 of 2020 apply to all legal entities engaged in commercial, financial, industrial, agricultural, real estate, or other economic activities.

The 100% equity of foreign Mainland Company Registration in UAE is subject to specific capital requirements and conditions determined by the UAE government. The minimum share capital required to acquire 100% equity in a company in the UAE ranges from 2 million dirhams to approximately 100 million dirhams, depending on the industry and business activities chosen by the investor.

Types of Business Licenses for Mainland Company in UAE:

Choosing the right business type and legal form (sole proprietorship, partnership, company, or limited liability company) is a prerequisite for establishing a Mainland Company Registration in UAE.

Generally speaking, business licenses in the UAE are divided into the following categories:

  1. Business licenses for various business activities like trading etc.;
  2. Professional licenses covering professional services, craftsmen, and artisans;
  3. Business licenses for establishing commercial, industrial, or production activities.

These licenses or permits are issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). However, certain types of business licenses require approval from specific government departments and other government agencies. DED has more than 3,000 activities divided into various investor license categories. Choose when doing business in the United Arab Emirates. The Petro New Link team will help you choose the right business and license type to register your dream company in the United Arab Emirates successfully.

Starting Mainland Business In UAE With Legal Business Forms

When conducting business in the United Arab Emirates mainland, the investors of Mainland Company Registration In UAE can choose various legal forms. According to the share structure, investment, and business activities, investors can choose the appropriate legal category to form the company structure with the support of our lawyers and management consultants.

Defined Steps for Conducting Business in the Mainland Company in Emirates:

Petro NewLink provides you with company formation steps and other support and ensures a smooth and hassle-free Mainland Company Registration In UAE. The following are the steps required to start a business in the UAE mainland:

  • Certification by the UAE National Organization (local service agent for a service business)
  • Obtaining a permit Visa application and processing
  • Assistance to draft cooperation agreements and supplementary agreements
  • Determine office premises and space according to your budget
  • Assist in the legalization of court documents

Approval, Certificates, & Documents Required for Establishing a Mainland Company Registration In UAE:

Preliminary approval for Mainland Company Registration In UAE

Some of the preliminary approval’s required for establishing a Mainland Company in Dubai are the following discussed below:

  • Registration and permit application for non-Gulf Cooperation Council nationals and confirmation of retention of the company name;
  • copy of director’s passport and no objection letter from director’s current sponsor;
  • legal business license for applicants under 21 years of age;
  • permission from other government agencies according to the type of activity;

Suppose the partner is an existing legal entity in the United Arab Emirates or abroad. The company’s board of directors decides to subscribe to the new company (this decision must be confirmed by the United Arab Emirates embassy/consulate or embassy/consulate), Persian Gulf countries, and United Arab Emirates diplomacy Department, translated into Arabic).

Documents Required After Preliminary Approval for Mainland Registration In UAE

Some of the documents or certificates required after preliminary approvals for establishing a Mainland Company In UAE are the following discussed below:

  • Receipt of prior consent All papers submitted for prior approval
  • Copy of office lease, including batch number,
  • copy of the company’s articles of association formally certified by a notary public.

If the partner is an existing legal entity in the UAE or overseas, the memorandum of association and business registration certificate must be certified by the UAE embassy/consulate or the GCC country’s embassy/consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The United Arab Emirates becomes the emirate, and all documents should be correctly translated into Arabic.

Petro New Link struggles to support investors in all possible ways throughout the establishment of the Mainland Company Registration In UAE. Our dedicated and professional team provides investors with comprehensive business advice and information to help them make informed entrepreneurial decisions.

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