Creating Import & Export Business in UAE

The business of Import Export Industry Company has great market value because this company caters to the demand and supply the good in different countries. This accurate exchange of goods is known as international trade.

Start your Import & Export Industry/Company in Dubai

International trade will enhance your country’s economy, and UAE has stable trade relations with several countries, so you need to start a business in UAE. Petro’s new link helps you Creating Import & Export Company in UAE quickly.


Thriving sector in UAE:

Import Export Industry/Company is thriving sector because of below-given reasons:

  • UAE is the most accessible place to start a business.
  • It is a central location, so it allows you to travel anywhere around the world.
  • UAE is well connected by both air and water routes around the world.

Steps you need to follow to Creating Import & Export Company in UAE:


Find Your Trading Activity:

Before starting an Import Export Industry Company in the UAE, the first step is to determine precisely what you want to trade.

It affects the type of license required. If you are not sure what to trade and are looking for a business idea to import and export from Dubai, there are many options to choose from.

The UAE imports and exports a variety of commodities, including jewellery, car and aircraft parts, food and beverages, beauty products, and clothing.

Decide Your Company Name:

When naming a company in the United Arab Emirates, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here, you must follow a strict but easy-to-use naming convention because naming the company is an essential factor that attracts individuals toward your company. In short, you should avoid offensive language.

Avoid using the names of well-known companies.  And please make sure that the name you choose is available for registration.

Choose where to set up your Import Export Industry/Company:

You can start your Import Export Industry/Company in Dubai Mainland or UAE Free Zone. Since many free zones provide direct connections to ports, airports, and major roads, this setup is usually best for import and export companies.

The free zone also provides a 100% exemption for all imports and export taxes, as well as no currency restrictions and freedom to repatriate all capital and profits.

But please note that if you want to trade directly with the local UAE market, you need to cooperate with local partners, while mainland companies are not required.

Apply for license:

Suppose you want to settle on the mainland. In that case, you can directly apply for a business license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the local authority of the UAE or apply for a business license from one of them. Petro’s new link experts can help you at this stage and handle the entire application process on your behalf.

Opening an integrated trading (Creating Import & Export Company in UAE) depends on your business activities and the location you plan to set up.

Check customer requirements:

If you want to trade around the world, you need to consider customer requirements. Although working in a free zone can help you avoid import and export taxes, you still need to apply for an import code from the Federal Customs authority.

You can obtain your code from the customs office of the emirate where you want to settle. You will be asked to give the following data:

  • Copy of trading license
  • Copy of passport
  • Information about your trading activities.


When you are going to apply for a license, you also need to apply for the visas that may be required for you and your employees.

Petro New Link will help you with the start-up of Creating Import & Export Company in UAE formation steps. To know more about Import Export Company, talk to our professional expert and dedicated team of import/export and Trading.