Business setup in UAE Petro New Link provides comprehensive support for company registration or. Investors can choose from various company registration options in the region.
As a global gateway to world trade and commerce, connecting Europe with Asia, Africa, and other regions, Dubai has become an international business center where All Companies, large and small, have their headquarters to promote global trade.

Dubai has become a favorable choice for many investors due to its robust business infrastructure, fast-growing economy, e-government, easy company formation, extensive business network, long-term residence visas, reliable international and local commercial or promotional banking solutions. The income level is high and the lowest crime rate globally, the air connection to the world’s largest cities.

Business Setup in the UAE With Great Benefits

Registering your company or Business setup in UAE will allow you to experience a friendly business environment while enjoying the great advantages of the UAE. Due to 100% foreign ownership, tax savings, business convenience, improved business infrastructure, first-person management system, world-class lifestyle, and growing business opportunities, this is a popular choice for overseas investors.

According to your specific business needs and type of business, our professional experts will help you make the right choice. Opportunities to register companies in the region.

Three types of Business Setup in the UAE

The jurisdiction for companies registered in the United Arab Emirates is divided into three continents free zones, mainland, and offshore jurisdictions. According to the latest cabinet order in 2021, mainland companies can now be registered as wholly foreign-owned companies in the UAE. Regarding activities and the industrial sector, investors must comply with specific rules.

Free zones and offshore companies with 100% foreign participation for Business setup in UAE can be established; however, their characteristics, business activities, and applicable trade laws are different.

However, their characteristics, ways of conducting business, and applicable commercial laws are different. The fee for registering a Business setup in the UAE free zone starts from AED 11,700, a blanket visa fee. The types of activities and licenses to choose from.

Petro New Link assists in process of Business setup in UAE

Petro New Link will help global investors develop a Business setup in UAE by taking a holistic approach, allowing investors to focus on their core business. At the same time, our PRO agent is responsible for management tasks.

Choose three brand names for the newly formed company. The relevant authority. The investor must approve the name then selects the appropriate business activity and type of business license accordingly. Free zone/offshore/mainland) Business setup in the UAE must be completed.

After confirmation by the Commercial Court, find a comfortable office space and prepare the contract. Investors must now submit the necessary license documents and business transactions to secure your company license. Obtain a UAE visa and open a corporate bank account in a start-up company.

With Petro New Link business consultants to guide you through the complex company formation or process of Business setup in UAE, you will feel relaxed because our Expert PRO agent can handle all the above tasks without interruption.

We assure you that you will have the most straightforward UAE company registration process, and you will receive all company documents in the shortest possible time so that your business can get up and running quickly.

Petro provides a range of business registration services in the UAE. A professional team of experts provides customized corporate formation packages at the lowest prices in Dubai to reduce formation costs and speed up investors’ business travel.

The process of setting up a business in UAE with Petro New Link compromises the following step. Petro New Link will assist you in the easiest and environment-friendly path we give to our customers and participants. following are the steps that need to be followed in order to set up a business in UAE:

  • Join & Commitment with Petro New Link:

Participate, and we’ll represent your company and will act as your agent.

  • Select name and approval for your business setup in the UAE:

Petro New Link will submit company name and business approval documents.

  • Acquiring & securing documents:

We register the company remotely and get all documents and company seals

  • Getting a residence visa:

Petro New Link is applying for your company immigration card and a residence visa for the United Arab Emirates.

  • Visa stamping:

Investors must fly to the United Arab Emirates for medical examination and stamp their residence visas on their passports.

  • Opening Bank Accounts:

We effectively coordinate with UAE Bank to open private and commercial bank accounts for your company & business setup.